Note: Always Buy Tested Smoking Pipes

What Do the Course Materials Consist?

The written element of the course is contained in twelve key modules (detailed below) The modules are written in ‘plain english’ and are very easy to read and assimilate. Premium quality, pre hole-punched paper is used, for easy placement into the the two course ringbinders (supplied) 20 Audio lectures, on pre-printed CD’s. (for details of each lecture, see ‘course modules’ below. The Audio Lectures supplement the written course modules, and help bring insight and understanding into the therapeutic process. The Audio Lectures are contained in two ‘presentation’ CD boxes 9 hours of training video, supplied on 4 DVD’s (The DVD’s are ‘multi-region’, and will play on any DVD player, or PC/MAC with DVD drive) The video was shot at a recent IAPH Advanced Training Course: ‘Easy Smoking Cessation’ The course includes two genuine anti-smoking sessions, with REAL clients.


The Successful Hypnotherapy. The Successful Hypnotherapy Diploma Course has been prod

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Pure Hypnoanalysis

A Summary of Pure Hypnoanalysis. Pure Hypnoanalysis as taught by the IAPH has been de

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