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What’s Included in the Successful Hypnotherapy Training Course?

Unique Course Content

This is the¬†only¬†course in the world, that teaches an amazing powerful type of hypnotherapy called ‘pure hypnoanalysis’… this therapy can help people to REALLY change their lives – instead of just ‘plastering over the cracks’

Recognised Qualification

You become part of an elite group of Professional, Successful Therapists. As well as being the only course that teaches ‘Pure’ Hypnoanalysis, it is also the ONLY training course which qualifies you for membership of the International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts (The IAPH)

Upon succesfully passing this course, and joining the IAPH, you will be entitled to use the designatory letters MIAPH.

Learn at Your Own Pace

You can study this course at your own pace: study for 2 hours per week, or 40 hours per week – it’s up to you

FREE Support and Mentoring

The IAPH offers more support, help and guidance to it’s Members than any other professional therapy organisation: you become part of a team. You are not sold a training course then left out in the cold!

One of the main criteria (apart from the uniquness of our course) that sets us apart from other training schools, is the huge amount of support and guidance given to students – both during and after they qualify

There are private online support groups, access to experienced tutors and the Council of Management. Free monthly regional meetings and get-together’s. Most students ‘speak’ on a daily basis to the course tutors – via the online support groups.

As soon as you are registered on the home-study part of the course, you will be added to our online support group – where you can talk to other students and experienced therapists (most students use this facility on a daily basis),and you will also be put you in touch with your nearest regional support group.

You can also contact Rob Kelly, the course director, at any time.

In-Depth Written Modules

The 12 course modules will give you.

A comprehensive understanding of people, and what makes you, and them, ‘tick’ – you will be able to asses a persons ‘personality type’ within a few minutes of meeting them (this is very important if you are trying to decide how to help them most effectively – an example of this would be … a person consults you with thoughts/compulsions to vomit – you need to know whether they are ‘obsessing’ or being ‘compulsive’, because it makes a difference to how you will treat them.

An insight into ‘human nature’ that isn’t available elsewhere; you will learn what GENUINELY motivates and drives people – REAL cases will be discussed and examined. This is about what REALLY goes on in a persons subconscious mind – and isn’t about our ‘interpretation’, it is about genuine motivation.

Expert knowledge of hypnosis – what it is; how to use it; how to hypnotise safely. The different depths of hypnosis will be discussed and how we achieve these different states. Does a person need to be deeply hypnotised to act upon a suggestion? How can we tell how ‘deep’ a person is in the hypnotic state? What type of induction suits which type of person?…

Advice for setting up your own practice: advertising, premisies, website, support, the law, ethics of private practice, how to get clients, subsidised practice insurance. All the help you need in order to establish your own private practice in hypnotherapy.

Details of how to use understand and practice ‘Pure’ Hypnoanalysis – the most effective and liberating therapy in the world today! This amazing therapy has to be seen to be believed!

A clear understanding and appreciation of anxiety, phobias, depression, eating disorders and other symptoms – what REALLY causes them, and why? Why do some people get angry, and some get even? Why do some people put on loads of weight, whilst others become anorexic? How come most women who stop smoking (by willpower) put on weight? How is it that a brother and a sister can have a very similar upbringing, yet one is happy, positive and healthy, while the other is perpetually sick and depressed?