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The Successful Hypnotherapy.

The Successful Hypnotherapy Diploma Course has been producing great hypnotherapists since 1981, and we have now trained over 7000 hypnotherapists and hypnoanalysts worldwide.

Apart from the inspiring and empowering content of the training course, which covers all types of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and our very own ‘Pure Hypnoanalysis’ in great depth, the easy way in which the course is put-together is also inspired,,,

Every single student undertakes our home-study course, which they then supplement by attending our ‘hands-on’ training seminars and workshops. How much ‘hands-on’ training you need depends entirely on your previous experience: many hypnotherapy students come from a therapy, psychology, mental health, medical, sales or similar background, and hence bring with them skills and insights very useful to a hypnotherapy career. (Non UK residents can obtain their hands-on training in their own Country, or with our DVD home-study Seminars.

The course is very simple and easy to study, with a progresive build-up of information and insight, backed up with our amazing support structure: we have regional meetings, phone support lines, and our superb online support group, where you can have immediate contact with other students on this course – no other training course offers this level of support.
In fact, you will not only be fully supported all through your training, but also through your professional career as a hypnotherapist – now that is unique!

On successful completion of the home-study course (and the appropriate amount of hands-on training) you will be awarded the Diploma in Hypnotherapy and ‘Pure’ Hypnoanalysis. This Professional Diploma, is the main entrance criteria for Membership of the IAPH, and it will also gain you Membership of almost all the other hypnotherapy organisations the world over.
Everything you could possibly want to know about this course, can be found on this page….sometimes there are ‘click here for more info’ type links, that will give you more detail about the paragraph you have just read. Once read, click you back arrow to return to this training course homepage. I am certain you will agree, after reading these training pages, that this course is totally unique, and the very best on offer.